About Me

I am married to my beautiful wife Lisa. I have three awesome little boys, Andrew(7), Evan(5), and Grant(3). These boys are inspirational to me! I live in North Logan Utah, and I work for Logan City Fire Department as a paramedic/firefighter. I love all outdoor activities, specifically running, hiking, mountain biking, camping etc.


I love to run races and compete.  I have run six marathons, the Ragnar relay, and my last race was the Tough Mudder event at the Miller Sports Park. I REALLY enjoyed it.  I plan on doing many more of these obstacle challenges.

Years ago, I was a skinny/scrawny kid looking to be a career firefighter paramedic. I started to exercise at one of the local gyms where I lived, and it was a very unorganized, scattered workout program that I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes. I self taught myself through trial and error and self guided studies of journals, magazines, and of course, the advice of many “fit” people that I would run into at the gym or around town. That is what I now refer to as “bro science.”

Eventually, I did get my dream job as paramedic firefighter and some priorities changed, my family was now dependent on me being fit to keep my job, the community depended on me to be fit, and my  firefighter partner and his family depended on me. It became much more than just a hobby or recreation. It became the key to providing for my family and surviving.

As I started to take more interest in physical fitness, I saw a change in myself. I noticed how I felt stronger, faster and fitter than ever.  I am now in my “prime” physically. When I was young, I thought “prime” was suppose to happen in your low 20’s, not when you were in your 30’s.  It was about this time that my desire to share this information with others grew. I wanted to help people see and achieve their physical potential.  I wanted to help people be happier, healthier and safer from disease and sickness. I wanted them to have their “prime” now.  No matter where they are in life’s journey.

Firefighter Jake