Achieve with Personal Training

As a personal trainer in Logan, Utah I customize a personal fitness plan and then teach it to you. We can meet with you as often as you like, with the underlying goal to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your end goals.

I will help you slowly adjust your diet to eat “cleaner” and healthier. I don’t prefer to use strict diets. I believe small guided changes in the long run will create good habits and help keep you on track for life. We work together to identify your fitness road blocks and then overcome them. Happier, healthier living for life is really my root purpose. You CAN reach a potential you haven’t realized yet, lets unlock the door to your success!

Many people ask how often I need to train with them. Some clients only need to meet one time for the physical assessment and explanation of their custom plan.  Other clients prefer me to coach and train them three times a week. I would suggest allowing me to train you at least once a month, once a week or more is preferred to better track your results, keep you motivated, keep you on the right track, and adjust your plan as your fitness level (and possibly your goals) change. The first step is to give me a call!!

Start Training!