Chicken Wrap with shredded chicken

Chicken wraps are definitely a FAVORITE at our house! They are, for the most part, a quick and easy meal! Wraps are ideal for lunch or dinner and the leftovers always taste great! It is a basic “recipe”, but you can make them differently depending on what you have on hand/how much time you have. These are very versatile and almost impossible to mess up!

Chicken Wrap

Chicken Wrap with shredded chicken

Quick Method


-Canned chicken (at least two small cans – 5oz)

-1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed

-1 can of corn, drained (can cut this out if you want to save on calories, we like the extra flavor)

-1 can of diced tomatoes (preferably “lime & cilantro” flavored) OR you could use salsa if you like more “kick”/don’t have any canned tomatoes on hand

-1/4 – 1/2 of 1 large onion (optional, more or less to taste – how much do you like “onion” flavor)

-Optional seasonings: Chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin

-Tortillas (we like the “uncooked” tortillas you heat & serve found in the refrigerated section, usually near the cheese)


Toppings (most of which are optional, you can pick one or two or all):

-lettuce (romaine, red leaf, green leaf, etc…preferably not iceberg)

-Shredded cheese



-Lime juice

-Fresh Onion, diced (if you didn’t put onion in wrap mixture in pan)



-Use a medium sized sauce pan.

cooking diced onion - what's for dinner tonight

These onions could cook a little bit longer, I forgot to take another picture (This onion was a little green. Still worked/taste fine.)

-OPTIONAL: (If I’m in a hurry I skip this step) If you want cooked onion in your pan, put a drizzle of olive oil in the pan and add the diced onion. Cook on med/med-high heat until onions are more clear-looking than white. (It shouldn’t very long with the higher heat).

black beans - diced tomatoes - canned corn

chicken wrap filling - healthy dinner

Wrap filling without chicken added and with onion

-Turn the heat to medium and put in your black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, and chicken. I will often squirt in some bottled lime juice or fresh lime juice as well. When using canned chicken I also like to shake in some seasonings for more flavor (but you don’t have to): chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and cumin seasonings. Stir occasionally.

chicken wrap filling - healthy dinner recipe

Wrap filling with shredded chicken

*While wrap mixture is heating up I will prep (clean & cut up) optional toppings.

-When it starts to bubble turn heat down to low (if you’re still prepping other toppings) or that means it’s heated through and ready to eat! You can add more chicken if you’d like or if it seems a little dry you can add another can of diced tomatoes. This recipe if really versatile, make it your own!

La Flor - flour tortilla - uncooked - healthy lunch

We’ve used different brands, these happened to be what I had on hand -they are very good! (1 tortilla = 150 calories) There might be “healthier” options, use what you’d like. We’d rather it be a pretty healthy meal that TASTES GOOD rather than eat something that tastes like cardboard! 😉

uncooked tortillas - chicken wrap

Bubbles, time to flip!

cook and serve tortillas - healthy wrap


-Warm up the tortillas on medium/medium-low heat. When tortilla starts to bubble or get light brown spots on it is time to flip it!

Basic add your optional toppings!

Basic start…now add your optional toppings!

chicken wrap - healthy food - nutrition


-Assemble your wrap! Sprinkle A LITTLE bit of cheese on the warm tortilla and add your wrap filling and whatever toppings you’d like! Lettuce really helps add a nice crunch, so I’d definitely recommend it, but the kids, even though they like lettuce, prefer not to have it on their wraps.

Longer Method


-All ingredients are the same, except the chicken

-Use fresh chicken breasts.

**Ideally you can shred chicken earlier during the week so you have it ready to go when it’s time for dinner/lunch**


-Before I start on the chicken, I put water in a pot on high to get it to a boil. By the time I have the chicken ready, the water is usually ready to go.

-Trim the fat off and fillet the chicken breast. Filleting your chicken breast means simply to cut your chicken breast in half horizontally.

fillet chicken breast

filleted chicken breast - healthy dinner

-How do you do fillet the breast? Place one hand on top of the chicken breast, pressing down, hold your fillet knife parallel to the cutting board and cut down, using a sawing motion, the length of the breast. Now the chicken breast will be more even, you’ll minimize the risk of not cooking the chicken through entirely, and it will cook quicker!

boiled chicken breast - healthy chicken recipe boiled chicken breast - chicken wrap recipe

-Place the chicken into the boiling water. The time can vary based on the thickeness of your chicken. Probably about 10 minutes. I will check it occasionally, even taking it out completely onto a clean cutting board to see if it’s cooked through/ready to shred. If you cook it too long the chicken will be tougher and harder to cut, so be sure to check on it!

shredded chicken - healthy chicken recipe

-Take two forks or a fork and a knife and shred the chicken.

seasoning chicken - chicken wrap

-I will sprinkle seasonings on top and mix it with the chicken. I also like to add some fresh or bottled lime juice to the chicken, but you don’t have to. Sometimes I do this in a separate bowl before I add the chicken to the “wrap mixture” or sometimes I just do it once I throw the chicken into the top of the pan. I use the most of chili powder, then also some onion powder, garlic powder, and a little bit of cumin (you do not need much cumin).

-Mix the chicken with the rest of the ingredients, (black beans, corn, and tomatoes). Usually fresh chicken breasts will require more diced tomatoes. I’d rather it moister than too dry.

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