Eating Healthy with Ease: Prep Your Fruits & Veggies

I like eating and having vegetables in meals, salads and sandwiches. The problem arises in the prep work it takes to use vegetables and trying to keep up with a busy schedule. The solution I use is to try and do as much prep work as possible before hand.


For example: When I get fresh fruit or vegetables, I wash it before placing it in the fruit bowl or the fridge. Now your produce is ready to eat when you are ready to eat it.

Also, I try pre cutting/slicing vegetables and keeping them in Ziploc storage containers (tupperware) in the fridge. The benefit its one mess up front and then your salad, sandwich, pita, pita pizza, omelet and snacks are all ready to go at moments notice.

Just don’t cut more than you will use over a few days. Your produce will keep better when it is left whole. Now the washing/cutting/chopping/ mess excuse for not eating your vegetables is gone. Try it!

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