Functional Movement Training

Jake has specialized training through Freemotion Fitness as a “MASTER COACH”. Through this training, Jake not only learned how to use Freemotion equipment to it’s fullest extent, but also trains other trainers as part of the Freemotion team on how to better serve their own clients with the functional movement philosophy. Functional movement training helps you train your body how it moves and works in the real world. It’s a total body workout with an incredible calorie expenditure! This training works for all ages – old and young! You can loose weight; gain strength and muscle; improve flexibility and performance overall!


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 Freemotion -Train-The-Way-You-Move-Jake- Saunders- Personal Trainer



Coached by ELITE Trainers

Do you want a trainer that is just book smart or do you want a trainer that has REAL experience?! Jake Saunders has BOTH! Not only does Jake constantly continue his own education, and train many clients of all different abilities, but Jake has also worked with top trainers! Jake has learned from the best and is ready to share what he’s learned with you! Jake has been involved with not one, but TWO different DVD Fitness series!


These series are: “Rip60” and “Ruthless”


Here’s some info on both fitness programs which you will see Jake featured. Look for Jake in the intro videos.  Jake is in 4  of the Rip60 videos and 17 of the Ruthless series.


Rip 60

Trainer: Jeremy Strom

-Creator of Rip:60

-Over 20 years in fitness industry as a fitness coach, personal trainer, fitness director and international educator.

-Has educated personal trainers and fitness professionals in over 25 countries worldwide.

-Has worked alongside fitness, research, and educational leaders to create many leading edge fitness  programs and protocols .

 Rip:60 Pro-Form Jake Saunders


Rip 60 Introduction Video:


Longer Rip:60 Demonstration Video:




Trainer: Steve Uria

-Co-Owner and Creator of S.W.E.A.T.1000

-Trainer to a number of professional athletes and celebrities

-Written a number of Fitness Articles for top magazines

-Appeared on TV shows with Fitness related topics

 Ruthless DVD Weider Jake Saunders


Ruthless Introduction Video:


Pictures From On Set:

Ruthless-Steve Uria-Weider-Workouts

Steve Uria (right) with Jake Saunders (left) during Ruthless Video Shoot

Ruthless- DVD's-Weider-Fitness-Health Group Shot (Jake in middle)

Ruthless-Small Group-Weider-20 minute workout

Small Group Shot (Jake on right)

Ruthless-Weider-Workout Program-DVD

Jake with “Ruthless” Girls

Ruthless-Workout Program-Weider-DVD

During shooting for DVD’s