Frequently Asked Questions:


How often do I need to train?

-This varies on the individual person and his/her goals.
-Some clients only need to meet one time for the physical assessment and explanation of their custom plan.
-Other clients prefer me to coach and train them as often as three times a week.
-I would suggest allowing me to train you at least once a week.
-Once a week (or more) is preferred to better keep you on track with your goal, motivation, accountability and adjusting your workout plan as needed.


How long do sessions last?

-Each session lasts 50-70 minutes with the exception of your first session, which will be about 30 additional minutes, to complete the physical/goal assessment.


When do you train?

As my main job is a Paramedic Firefighter, my schedule rotates. How this affects training is as follows: I work two days straight at the station, then I have four days off in a row. During those four days, I’m happy to train clients at any hour, morning, afternoon, or night – Whatever time slot their schedule allows.


What type of workout do you offer?

-This depends on your personal goals. We can weight train, total body functional train, cardio, yoga, or a hybrid of the above. I’ll offer suggestions on which style might help the client achieve their goals more quickly. Then it’s time to work!


What forms of payment do you accept?

-Credit Card
-Personal Checks
-Cashiers Checks
*Payments are expected up front*


Do you do body fat monitoring?

Yes, I use an electronic device that gives body fat approximations. This is useful to find a baseline and work on the CHANGE in the body fat percentage. I also encourage my clients to do body circumference measurements so they have another witness of their progress.


What do you do with nutrition? Do you offer counseling?

After the consult with the client, I’ll suggest one of two paths. The first is a strict “eat this don’t eat that” style of nutrition plan. This works extremely well for those who want to lose weight fast and eat healthy from the get go. This is also the style of plan that Freemotion uses for their testimonial class. The second is a progressive plan that gradually adjusts the clients eating habits by making a small change/goal every week. These changes eventually turn into habits for the long term. This transformation helps the client maintain their newly found success for life. (The second plan is my preference.)


What if I am late to a session?

Please be on time to training sessions. It’s your time; it’s your workout.


What if I need to cancel my session?

Please feel free to call or text as soon as a change in your schedule occurs. I aim to be as flexible as possible.


What can I expect at my physical assessment?

Here we talk about your goals, current hobbies, past injuries or medical problems, if any. We also discuss how much accountability you would like with me and choose a nutrition path. We do body weight and body measurements. Basically, I line you up with your custom plan for fitness success. If scheduled, we will do our first workout together.


What is accountability?

It’s the level of aid and motivation that I can offer to help keep you on track. For example; some clients prefer to come in and have an amazing workout, go home and not have contact with me until the next appointment. Others, will text or email me daily to confirm that they’ve completed the predefined goals, and workouts. It’s like a check-in with me your trainer. In that spectrum, we can choose whatever level of accountability that you’re both comfortable with and need. It’s your choice entirely. I’m here for you.


I think I’m beyond help (injuries, age, weight etc. ). Would you take me on as a client?

YES!! I’ve had clients that were young, with previous injuries, replaced knees and hip, previous back injuries and elderly clients. I love new opportunities to adjust workouts to each individual person. It’s my pleasure to help you, at whatever level you are, to become fitter and healthier. We can work around and strengthen any problem you may have.