Fitness Tips

There is a TON of fitness advice out there. Some of it works, some doesn’t. Some of it comes from research, most of it doesn’t. Here are specific things that have helped me realize and achieve my goals:

The first two tips that have helped me the most are:

#1, Documentation. That’s it. A rule from EMS is; “if you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.” Tracking your workouts helps give you direction, it keeps you on track, it helps push you towards your end goal, and it prevents duplication of effort. It is incredibly valuable. This is one item that I will do for you when we work together.

#2 is: Always have a plan. Don’t go to the gym to “do whatever.” Have a set plan. Decide ahead of time how many miles you want to go, how hard, what type of lifting on which muscle groups. Circuit style or multiple set. Documentation helps with this. Check out this website and look for the bold head line “All Quantity, No Quality” for more info.

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