How Hard Is Too Hard?

This blog is my own opinion, but is really does make sense. I hear about this next topic all the time…

pain while exercising

Take Jane, she hasn’t exercised in a while. She wants to get fit for the new school year, or lose some baby weight, or whatever her reason. So she hits the gym, the DVDs or a program, and she starts hard. What happens next is Jane ends up so sore that it starts to interfere with her daily activities. Her exercise has inhibited her life in place of enriching her life. So she STOPS to recover fully before it gets worse and because it hurts. Then Jane misses a whole week of training or never starts back up again and her motivation is wasted. Even worse, she starts to go hard and she ends up getting injured; a small pain that creeps up in her knee, lower back, or maybe a full blown tear. Now she is out for a couple months or more. Her goal is now to get back to where she was before she started. Her training was an impediment.

I have heard and seen this happen to many friends and family members. It makes me sad. Start SLOW. The key to fitness success doesn’t happen overnight, a week or even a month. The secret is consistency. That’s it. Slow, planned, dedicated progress that moves you from your starting point to your best physical self. A little soreness is okay, but if you have to take some ibuprofen the next morning, after every workout, or if it is affecting your regular daily routine because of the stiffness, then you went too hard and you should reevaluate your program. Also, if you are already with a trainer that is training you this way, you need to find a new one. (I still have a couple open slots by the way.)

Using a personal trainer is a great way to avoid this pitfall and stay on an organized track to success. If you have any questions about your current fitness program, feel free to ask me! Good luck!

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