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Making small changes today have big benefits down the road

I came across this while doing some research online.  I really like the simplicity of it.  Small consistent changes made week by week can change your life.  It only take 6 weeks for you to form a new habit. Here are some awesome suggestions to get you on the right track!


Make smart switches.
See how much you can save by switching from high-fat, high-calorie indulgences to lower-fat, lower-calorie options. Just by making the following substitutions, you could lose 25 pounds a year:
Instead of eating this once a week
Try this once a week
Calorie savings
 Large fries
1-ounce snack-size bag
of potato chips
383 calories a week,
or 5.7 pounds a year
Fried chicken breast
Roasted chicken breast
and wing and thigh without skin
243 calories a week,
or 3.6 pounds a year
Veggie burger
216 calories a week,
or 3.2 pounds a year
Three slices bacon
Two slices deli-style ham
and two eggs and egg substitute
199 calories a week,
or 3 pounds a year
Chocolate ice cream
Nonfat fudgsicle bar
240 calories a week,
(1 cup) or 3.6 pounds a year
Pasta carbonara
Pasta with tomato sauce
(1 cup)
246 calories a week,
or 3.7 pounds a year
One slice cheesecake
One slice angel food cake with
strawberry topping
130 calories a week,
or 1.9 pounds a year

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