Nutrition Tips

For me, eating right is 60% of the battle. No matter how hard I exercised, I couldn’t reach my fitness goals until started to work on my diet. Here are some general guidelines and ways that make them easier:



* “Watch what you eat”

-How do you “watch” what you eat? What I found works the best is writing down in a food journal everything I eat, i.e. counting carrot sticks, measuring cereal, and if you are really serious, weighing your food. This helps put in perspective how much of what types of foods you are eating. This ends up being essential when working on portion control and small steps to creating a healthier diet.


* “Aim to eat 5-6 meals/snacks daily.”

-Sounds easy right? The problem I ran into was eating one of my “meals,” then, three hours later I wasn’t hungry. So, I try to go another 3 hours until my next “meal.” Two problems happened.

First, and I didn’t realize it, but I was defeating the purpose. The reason behind eating smaller meals more frequently is to keep your metabolism burning slowly through the day. I try to imagine it as a fire, when you place a bunch of wood on a campfire; it burns hot then burns out. But if you take the same amount of wood and gradually add it over time, it stays burning hot.

The second problem was, I wouldn’t make it to my next meal. I would start to get hungry, and then snack, “graze” is probably more fitting. Because I was so hungry, I wouldn’t take the time to prepare my regular meal so I would settle for a larger, not as healthy, choice for the meal. (This is why fast food companies are so successful, they operate on the impulse food, easy quick food.)

The tip I found is to schedule or even time (with a countdown timer) your meals/snacks and never miss a meal/snack. If you aren’t super hungry, just eat part of it, but don’t ever skip.

Aim to eat 200 calories per snack session and 400 for your meals. The daily take should be around 2,400 depending on your size and fitness goals.

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