Training Package/Gift Certificate Orders:

-If you are ordering training packages/gift certificates  be sure to select “pickup (1-2 weeks) $0.00” as your “shipping method”. Obviously you don’t need to pay any shipping on training packages! Jake will contact you to set up your training sessions!


Clothing, Stickers, etc:

-It will take about two weeks for your clothing order to be filled from our provider. There’s a chance we could already have it on hand and can get it to you sooner, but it’s best to plan on about two weeks.

-We are more than happy to have you pick up your order for FREE. We can work out details through e-mail after your order is placed. Select “pickup (1-2 weeks) $0.00” as your “shipping method”

-We can also ship your items via USPS Standard Shipping.

-If you want your items shipped, the shipping will be automatically calculated according to the total of your order. Please see shipping details below:


Shipping Costs:

$0.01 – $8.00 = $1.00

$8.01 – $25.00= $7.00

$25.01 – $65.00= $14.00

$65.01 – $150.00= $18.00

$150.01 and up= $26.00


**If you want training packages AND clothing and would like your clothing shipped, I recommend paying in two different transactions. Pay for your training packages/gift certificates with “pickup”(free shipping) added and then purchase your clothing because the shipping automatically calculates based on total amount spent.


6.60 % tax will automatically be added to your order at checkout


If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests:

Contact: Lisa at lisa@fitwithjake.com